Witt Road farm is located in Clewiston, Florida.  Witt Road is a fully certified USDA certified Organic Farm. The farm is an important part of our overall story and dream.  We are into our first growing season and many of the beautiful vegetables that we deliver to your home come directly from Witt Road.  Truly we are farm to table. 

Organic Farming is a unique and often difficult process.  We have learned a great deal and continue to do so.  Farming Witt Road  reminds us of the abundance that mother nature can provide.   It further enforces our strong belief that wonderful food can be grown without lethal pesticides.  Yes, the challenges facing an organic farm are difficult.   Witt Road and others like it are the LIVING proof that we can and must do better when deciding on how we grow our food and what we ultimately put on our families table.